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Glass Film



The Nano Ceramic Tint has tiny ceramic materials which are designed with a Spectral Technology.
It creates a shield over the glass and collects larger amounts of rays and heat whilst Stopping them from Entering the Windows.

Glass Film is exclusively designed for the inner glass surfaces of the Automotive. They give a Dynamic Effect: colour shifts when seen from different angles. The reflected colours may be diversified from the colours in transmission. That’s why it is called a Chameleon effect.
This film is build with advanced and sophisticated Nano Technology. As it delivers very inspiring solar protection and colour Durability for a Metal-Free Film with great installation features as well.


Metal-free design with No Electronic Interference.


Good Heat Rejection Capacity.

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Excellecnt Shrinkage and Easy to Install.

Our Benefits

Glass film, or window film, offers benefits such as UV protection, heat reduction, privacy, and glare reduction. It enhances energy efficiency, aesthetics, and security while protecting interiors from fading.

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  • Naturally Cool Interiors.
  • Protection against Sun’s harmful rays.
  • Increased Safety with Glass-Shatter-Resistance.
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Prevents fading and discoloration of the Upholstery.
  • Easy Maintenance

Glass film, or window film, is a thin, transparent or tinted material applied to glass surfaces to provide various benefits, such as privacy, heat reduction, UV protection, and glare reduction.

Glass film is commonly used for automotive windows, residential windows, and commercial windows to improve comfort, energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics

The level of visibility from the inside depends on the type and darkness of the film. Some films offer privacy from the outside while maintaining good visibility from the inside.

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